Sunday, September 20, 2009

Montgomery Co Fair.

Well it was a good year at the fair. Entered 4 won 5....good odds hey? Firestar won 1st in Minatures, What Goes Around Comes Around won 3rd in wall hanging (but got Most Intricate Piecework at NQA in the challenge category), Leaves Come a Tumbbling Down got 2nd in King size, anf the professional bag got 1st in Needlework other, and Best Of Show in Needlework total.

Yeah team. Now lets see if this lets me post pictures too today....
Hey it cool. Well can't stay long. I've gotta get grades done and posted for mid terms. Have lesson plans to get finished and printed ..then there are bills that need paid.....really need a twin of me to do all the stuff I hate to do so that I can quilt. On that end, I have "Turtle Top #3 done and quilted it yesterday. Now I just need to get the turtles on it and to the group who wants to auction it off this month. I also have the guild challenge quilt top done and need to get it quilted so it can be turned in next week. Then I need to start thinking about Rich's celtic quilt for CHristma. Irene and I picked up some kick butt fabric in Knoxville for it..just need to design it and figure out what to do with it.
Wow, so much for my new years resolution to update weekly heh? Didn't realize it had been so so long. In my defense I have tried to post several times over the course of the year and have had problems doing so. So let's post this and see if it works.