Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Cancer Quilts

Well been busy the last two weeks working on the gardern, cancer quilts and getting ready for vacation. The red and black quilt picture just doesn't do it justice. There is more of an optical illusion quality to it. Went to a Vikki Pignatelli class last week that was really informative. Need to put some of it into practice. Also been busy getting ready for the Miami Valley Retreat in February. Think we have it ready to go . It's going to be a "Quilters Rendezvous"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

NQA 2008

Well entered Fantasy Fireworks in my local guild show (still don't know what the results of that were) and NQA in Columbus this year. It was close I guess. It was held for consideration in the judges best use of color ribbon. Guess that should make me happy since it's the first "big" show I've entered. Will have to see if Indian Orange Peel gets done for next year. I'm a bit behind on my yearly "big" projects. Found pic of another cancer quilt I did this spring (it's the pink/purple one)

While at Irene's

Went to friend Irene's house recently and managed to make this nifty professional bag, complete with like 10 pockets and tons of space.

Doing Pretty Good

Been busy since my last blog. Had surgery in April and lots to get done. Here are some of the cancer quilts I've gotten done.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Collage Mania II

Well I finished my entry for Collage Mania II for the Fiber for a Cause group. Check the link out. I think it turned out pretty cool looking. Previews start the end of April and selling starts early May. Early previews are $80 and sale day is $40. Seems like a great deal for some great art. Many well-established artists are in the show. I think I'll probably bid on a few myself.

Friday, March 14, 2008

While stuck in a snow storm

Well, last weekend was something else. Ohio got dumpped on with over 12 inches of snow in about 36 hours. Well that didn't bother me. I was at a retreat, sewing machines were humming, food was plentiful, laughter was heard often ...we were just having a good time. Decided to start the weekend off with a day of quilting for others. Lady in out guild is sending baby dolls and mini quilts to match to a church in Latin America . I think they turned out cute. dress, slip, diapper, and quilt to match.

Since the pictures were taken, I've added faces and hair will come latter. The bag pictures was made for my secret sis at retreat. I think it turned out pretty good and here my husband thought it was too much. My sis really liked it.

I also got all the arcs done for my Indian Orange Peel quilt and have started on the boarder pieces. Yeah.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

been busy

I got the next rounf robing finished and sent off. Grethcen says she really likes it. I used paint sticks for the leave stencil and gold, bronze and other metalics on top of the leaves to have it blend with some other metalics that were already there.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ok my fabric has finally come home. You'll remember that 5 robiners sent out 1 yard a fabric that we had done something to. The other 4 ladies got a hold of it and did wonders. You can see my sea grass still there, but now we have Mermaids, turtles, bubles, froth and wavys. Really cool. My kids at school say I need to add a treasure chest....we'll see. Then I think I'm going to put it on a shower curtain in my bathroom.

Been busy. FINALLY got Sarah's quilt done. The timeing on the machine got screwed up with 1/2 the binding done so When I took the machine into the shop, I begged to use a machine to finish it up. So there I sat for an hour finishing it up. One more thing off the list. Now maybe I cna take those online class lessons I've been missing. ;-)

Here are some pictures. It's from the Neimeyer Twisted Star Pattern.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting excited

Well In honor of Irene having to work last Friday while I did not, I started a new UFO in her honor (snicker). In any event I went to the stash and decided to work on Indian Orange Peel by Karen Stone. Really cool pattern (see picture). So spent the day sorting fabric, picking pairs, cutting strips..ya know all the boring stuff. Then I got to play. Decided to do the corners of the quilt. And I really like how they came out. Though the one with green will need to be changed for continuity, the colors themselves are fine, but I think with the other 3 corners being with blacks and browns in the spikes that I probably should change it. What do you think?

Off to clean off "the table" so I can make sheers for the front window..DH says it's casting a glare on his new toy...61"flat screen DLP TV.....hummm our men are spoiled.


Friday, January 4, 2008

So what did you get for Christmas??

All I wanted for Christmas were some DVDs and peace on Earth...well and fabric....instead I get MRSA. A lovely staph infection that is resitant to the normal drugs and makes you look like the elephant man. My whole lower left face was a mess from cheek bone to below jaw line. Very not cool. Made me miss New Years party we'd planned for all year. Jon had even gotten a tailored suit. The drugs seem to be working, but they make me tired. Irene had to do to school today so told her I'd start a new quilt in her honor. So got out my Indian Orange Peel pattern and hit the stash and the pallette is in place and will get to cutting fabric after a small nap ;0). Pictures are of snow freezing and sliding off roof.

Weekend at Irene's

Well after Christmas I went up to Irene's for a long weekend of sewing. Irene kicks but in her ability to get quilts done. Starting on Thursday afternoon with a stack of flannel that I'd collected for several years, I ended up Sunday afternoon with an 88x88 flannel quilt done my way....bright and crazy!! Top left is front, left is Sable not wanting to left out and thouroughly enjoying mom's new quilt (you know the dog has to approve all quilted items), bottom left is the back all of it was done rag style.