Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Getting excited

Well In honor of Irene having to work last Friday while I did not, I started a new UFO in her honor (snicker). In any event I went to the stash and decided to work on Indian Orange Peel by Karen Stone. Really cool pattern (see picture). So spent the day sorting fabric, picking pairs, cutting strips..ya know all the boring stuff. Then I got to play. Decided to do the corners of the quilt. And I really like how they came out. Though the one with green will need to be changed for continuity, the colors themselves are fine, but I think with the other 3 corners being with blacks and browns in the spikes that I probably should change it. What do you think?

Off to clean off "the table" so I can make sheers for the front window..DH says it's casting a glare on his new toy...61"flat screen DLP TV.....hummm our men are spoiled.


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Irene's Quilting Corner said...


And should I feel honored? But, I love the quilt so far!

Agree that the green doesn't quite flow with the others. Good work GF!

See you Friday evening!