Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well, here we are again. I've been very busy quilting for church but also had a challenge to complete. So I entered the Art Card Ideas Contest. I submited 3 cards for possible art card deck. These are my first art cards and I used all sorts of techniques I've never used before. Foil, beads, gliitter, rhinesones, tule. Busy busy. and here are some pictures. Yeah me. enjoy


Anonymous said...

YEA, LISA!! Good job. Congratulations on entering a new world. Best of luck in the contest.

Liz Nutter

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!! I like the Mardi Gras theme to the contest quilts. Really stepped out of your box and they look great. Good luck on the contest.

Teresa Valencia

Anonymous said...

Wow Lesa...they're beautiful. The MardiGras cards came out best...they are stunning. I can't tell what the third card is. You are da bomb!
XO from Kris

Irene's Quilting Corner said...

Any news yet/ Did you win? Well, in my book you already won reguardless of what "they" say!