Monday, November 19, 2007


Well I've been really busy lately. Got the garge cleaned out so I could in good conscience play with my new mid arm quilting machine. I also got into a round robin for a surface design group that has been interesting and I will post those pictures too.

This was my yard of fabric and the design I painted on. Kinda thought I saw turtles swiming in the grass.
This was the next person's I got. I added the paint stick flowers
This was Suzan's. She had used orange on white dye and then the next person did it up in salmon color dye and I added the geometric paint stick design.

This is the ne Pfaff mid arm Grand Quilter. I could wish for a londer neck space yet when I think of the killed price I got plus 1500 off for their mix up I really can't complain for what I want to do with it. Still have some thread issues to deal with, but nothing we won't get a handle on eventually. Irene's quilt is on the frame in this picture.

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