Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It is DONE!!!

Well, IT is finally done!!

"IT" being the Indian Orange Peel started (God help me) last year. Now admitedly I was not working on it all year. Seemed like I kept finding other things to work on. In part, I think, because I found it a little daunting. In large part because I hate to screw things up and there was a lot of time and work in the pieces... did you notice that there are rings of color around each center?? The picture doesn't do it justice..and then to get those pieces to fit..hummm. I must admit to being very disapointed in the instructions for the project. It is a Karen Stone project. And she is a very talented quilter...but dang. The instructions for this whole quilt where contained on two sides of one piece of paper!!. She had more info on the paper piecing then on putting the border together, which for me was the crux of the project. Here you have all these oddly shapped arcs and curves and she give absolutly NO suggestions for getting those to go together. Or suggestions like baste before sewing and make sure all the alignement is correct. Or how to line things up so they go where they are supposed to...... But even though It was not done by New Years eve like I wanted...all said and done I am fairly please. It's not perfect, but then neither am I so I guess that's cool. I like the colors. I like that it came from the stash....I am now facing the daunting thought of quilting the thing......Aye Vay. All those seams are going to make things interesting. Now that is a whole 'nother thing.....
I'm going to work on posting more often this year. Hey, it's a goal. Don't laugh. But if you do want to laugh, check out the comedy of Jeff Dunham. He is a HOOT!!! Just thinking about Achmed makes me laugh. Piece.


CarterQuilter said...

Hi Lesa,

It is gorgeous. Did you use Karen Stone's pattern for this?
I absolutely love your colors and workmanship.

Cindy in Seattle

needlewings said...

Congratulations! I wish mine were done. It's still in pattern form. lol