Friday, July 16, 2010

Back From China

Wow what a trip. Nine cities and 21 days in China. Quite the experience. 7000 years of history and inovation....hard to imagine. I'm going to take you through the trip a little at a time...wouldn't want to freak out those who know me ;0). We spent the first day traveling to China from Chicago. It took about 15 hours. I got some cool shots going across the Bearing Strait. There was a 12 hour time diference from Ohio to Hong Kong. Must say I was quite impressed with the international flight. Movies were in play the whole trip and food and drink was pleantiful...The first few days were spent in Hong Kong independent district. I had already gotten money through AAA so I got to play banker for the first day. The days were foggy and humid. The clouds often floating at the tops of the tall skyscrappers. This first picture, the glass one is on the back of some of the money in Hong Kong..It is by architect I.M. Pei. He is the one who designed the pyramid at the Louvre' and the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame pyramid in Cleveland. The is one of the financial buildings in downtown Hong Kong. The other is the city tourist logo with the city skyline and dragon at the end. Passed it in the airport on the way in.

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