Monday, August 8, 2011

Quattro Bag is done

Where does the time go? School starts in a week...nad next week has to be the busiest of all summer. Special lecture class for school Monday, Debby Reed Maddy classes Tuesday and Wednesday, Professional development on Thursday....friend coming into town ( looking forward to that), and somewhere in there I'm supposed to finish basic paperwork for school, finish putting my classroom together, get binding on a birthday quilt, and do lesson just another week in my fast paced life... I really need to look into the whole cloning thing...I could use a few of me hanging around. I think the Egyptians had that going for them with the shabati statues that come to life and work for you when you need something done. ;0)

In any event, I have managed to finish the Quattro bag as promised with three days to spare before Amanda's birthday. I hope she likes it. The porta pockets should fit in the Quattro bag.

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